CAP401 (N94800) ready to fly

CAP 401 is ready to fly and located at LVK. We have spent a lot of time getting it ready to fly so please FLY/FLY/FLY!!

Pilots should take note of the following:

It is a 1978 182Q.

  1. It has an overhauled engine and newer paint and interior.
  2. The avionics have been upgraded with a Garmin G500, Garmin GTN-650 GPS, Garmin GNC-225 Nav/Com radio and a EDM-700 engine monitor.
    1. There are no Garmin manuals in the aircraft so you need to download your own.
    2. XM Weather is active.
  3. The audio panel is a PMA8000C. There is a pilots guide in the aircraft and a Quick Reference is attached.
    1. To active Split Coms press both XMIT buttons simultaneously.
    2. Intercom Mode will defeat the back seat crew from speaking while radio transmissions are active. Ensure that “Standard Intercom Function” is annunciated when you hold down COM3 to deactivate this function.
  4. There is an old NAT radio that will be replaced soon.
  5. There is no DF gear in the aircraft and one will be installed soon.

Important Notes:

  1. The gross weight for take-off is 2,950 NOT 3,100
  2. The Fuel is 80 gallons NOT 88 gallons. There is only 75 gallons usable and 37.5 per side.
  3. There is a fuel stick on order and the fuel is kept at the bottom of the collars for now.
  4. It runs hot and we have found in hot temps that very little mixture and open cowl flaps are required to keep the temps at 380 to 400.